“Through it all, I’ve strived to create a table where everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, has a seat.”

Through it all, I’ve strived to create a table where everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, has a seat.


Vickie Runk is a seasoned leader and innovator in the senior living industry, with over 31 years of dedicated service in Central Virginia. Vickie has spearheaded initiatives that significantly enhance the quality of life for seniors, but her impact goes beyond senior care. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led to the successful establishment and revitalization of various small businesses, all while actively serving on multiple boards and championing causes close to her heart. Now, Vickie invites you to join her at “Around the Table with Vickie,” a podcast where every voice matters, every story resonates, and every issue finds its spotlight.

career & accomplishments

Vickie Runk has been an innovator and operator of senior living communities in Central Virginia for more than 31 years. She is an accomplished visionary for the development of programs that enhance the lives of seniors, and she has been nationally recognized for her work with Alzheimer’s and dementia care. In recent years, Vickie has taken her expertise in hospitality and business to successfully establish or renew several small businesses — from golf courses and restaurants to hotels and premier wedding and event venues and services. As a businesswoman, wife, and proud mother of three children, she understands the value of hard work and the reward of taking your passion and giving it purpose.

Vickie attributes her success in both her personal life and in the business world to her passion for helping others succeed, and she continues to prioritize going above and beyond to promote the welfare of others in all her endeavors. Outside of her own businesses, Vickie has served on boards of multiple health and wellness associations, has been a visionary for the development of programs to enhance the lives of seniors, and has been a consultant to several medical facilities. She has successfully organized and funded resource programs for a nonprofit school that grew from 3 to 145 students annually, has implemented various programs to help employees succeed in the workplace, and has established a Nursing Assistant certification school that enables young people to advance skills and wages within the healthcare industry with the opportunity to graduate to success. Vickie’s nationally recognized support of the Alzheimer’s Association, raising more than $350,000 in the past five years alone, has inspired her to found her own nonprofit organization to continue to raise support and awareness for multiple causes affecting the lives of seniors.

  • Bachelor’s of Psychology Liberty University, 1989
  • Certified Dementia Trainer
  • Board of Long Term Care AIT for Nursing Homes
    VA Department of Health, 1990
  • VA Board of Best Practices for Senior Living
  • Board of Miss Virginia 2.0
  • Board of Alzheimer’s Association
  • Board of Miss Virginia Volunteer
  • Board of Virginia Assisted Living Facilities
  • Countless Local Best of Business Awards
  • Best Work Place Central Virginia
  • 34th in the Nation for Alzheimer’s Fundraising
  • Donor to Liberty University
  • Donor to Christian Education in Central Virginia
  • Back-to-Back Winner of “Seniors Got Talent”
  • Best Practices for VALA
  • Developed the first “Golden Angels” Senior Citizens Christmas adoption program
  • Developed the first Sensory Rooms for senior living communities in Central VA
  • Recently founded the “Pearls of Life” Foundation with the goal to advance senior causes in government and private sectors
  • Recruited at a national level as a keynote speaker in the fields spanning senior living, women issues, and church
  • Created a Food Bank to serve families of senior living staff during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Created standards for nursing, recreation, and senior living activities
  • Passion for history and restoration of historical Central Virginia properties • Designed more than a million square feet of interior space
  • Created more than 1,000 jobs in Central VA area in healthcare, senior living communities, hospitality, recreation, construction, and development • Cared for more than 10,000 seniors
  • Given more than $100,000 to the Miss Virginia Organization before founding her own Miss Virginia Volunteer Organization to further young women’s education through scholarships and opportunities
  • Given more than $725,000 to Liberty University Athletics
  • Given more than $400,000 to area nonprofit Christian schools
  • Raised more than $350,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association in the past 5 years

family & faith

Family and faith are central to Vickie’s life and the success of their family business. Starting humbly with her husband, parents, and herself, their venture has grown into a collaborative effort with their children. Guided by shared values and deep faith, they navigate entrepreneurship with love and resilience, cherishing every moment as they build their family legacy.

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