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Hope & Help: Insights from our local Alzheimer’s Association

In this episode of the “Around the Table with Vickie” podcast, we delve into the vital work of our local Alzheimer’s Association chapter. Joined by special guests Jeanne Snyder and Lissa Greenly, we explore the multifaceted efforts in research, social support, and family assistance that the association provides. Jeanne and Lissa share their insights on the profound impact of Alzheimer’s disease on individuals and families, and discuss the latest advancements in research aimed at finding a cure. We also highlight the extensive support network available to those affected, from educational resources to community programs. Tune in to learn about the significant strides being made and discover how you can contribute to the fight against Alzheimer’s. This episode is a comprehensive look at the challenges and hopes surrounding this critical issue, offering actionable steps for making a difference.